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Automatic Drawing Technique…

******PLEASE EDIT***** Jean Giraud, aka Moebius, was a comic book artist who combined blinding speed with boundless imagination. He shaped the look of Alien, Empire Strikes Back and The Fifth Element. He reimagined the Silver Surfer for Stan Lee. And he is an acknowledged influence on everyone from Japanese animating great Hayao Miyazaki to sci-fi writer William Gibson.

One useful exercise that can ease your mind and improve your shape design is automatic drawing. The idea is to put pen to paper and just enjoy the process of subconscious mark making.

Drawing is a form of personal communication, but that doesn’t mean that the artist shuts themselves in a bubble; it is communication with those close to us, with ourselves, but also with strangers. Drawing is a means of communicating with the extended family that we do not know, with the public, with the world.
— Moebius

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